Why Use Granite Countertops

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There are many factors to consider when selecting a countertop for a?kitchen. If granite is at the top of your list, then it pays to know first the pros and cons of installing it before doing anything.?That should make confident with your decision.  

If you still want to get more information about granite countertops instead of just relying on online sources, you may consult with the experts in granite works Grand Prairie. These are the professionals that handle granite every single day and they should be able to help you when making a choice. Even so, here are some advantages of installing granite countertop in your home: 

1. Sustainable  

Sustainability is such a big thing today. It’s a good idea to use materials that can be renewed.  But while?granite can be renewed, it will take Mother Nature thousands of years to do so. That is why?many professionals don’t?regard granite as a?green product.  

Take note though,?that in the last few?years,?the mining?industry went to?great?strides to?adopt a more responsible quarrying process. Granite countertops will?last you?a lifetime. It also doesn’t?contain?harmful chemicals, which means they don’t?emit harmful gasses or radiation. That’s another way why they can be classified as green and clean. 

2. Heat Resistant? 

Heat?resistance is a feature that’s unique to granite countertops. Even if granite is?exposed to a high amount of heat, it will not blister or melt. It’s one of the highest performing countertops when it comes to heat-resistance when compared to all other?countertop options?available.  

Even if?you just removed?a hot pot from?the oven, you?can place it?directly on the?countertop’s surface?without causing any damage to it. However, experts recommend using a trivet for?heat-emitting devices,?like?crockpots. Because granite?is so dense, it is possible to heat one area of your countertop and not the whole thing, which may possibly lead to?cracking. 

3. Scratch-resistant. 

A granite countertop’s score is a?7 when tested on Moh’s hardness scale. It?means that?very few things?can scratch it. You can’t?cut it with your knife. If you do, the knife will become dull and leave behind metal residues. 

4. Maintenance  

Granite countertops require?low maintenance. Your chance of repairing and resurfacing your countertop?is small. Throughout?the years, sealing technology has improved greatly. The seals on granite countertops?will for?over?ten?years before it needs to be applied again. Even if?you must reapply, you can do the job yourself.  

Sealing a countertop is not very different from cleaning it. You just?apply the sealant?and remove the excess. Don’t forget to ask a professional what type of sealant you need to get the best results. Some sealers may not work with a type of granite countertop, which is why consulting with an expert is necessary. An expert in granite countertop installation could help you with this detail and help you make the right decisions and choices along the way.  

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